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Import of Sea Cucumber and Fish maw

Sea Cucumber

High Nutrition

Low in fat, but high in essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, sea cucumber is far healthier than shark fin. Sea cucumber also contain glycosaminoglycans which have been shown to have immune boosting and anti-aging benefits

High Quality

A Sea Cucumber. carefully follow the Quality Management Plan and strictly control the production process to ensure the quality and safety of our products.

Fish Maw Eel

Fish maw is the commercial term for the dried swim bladders of large ling fish. It has no fishy taste and absorbs the flavour of other ingredients it is cooked with.
Fish maw is suitable for consumption by any age group of either gender and is a kind of therapeutic food.

Fish maw dishes have become ever popular on Chinese dinning tables. This is even more evident while in special occasions, as at celebration for birthdays, weddings, Chinese New Year, and the list goes on.

Many Chinese people believe that drinking fish maw soup and eating fish maw will improve their skin beauty and, for pregnant women, the skin of their babies. Furthermore, fish maw does not contain cholesterol. It therefore is a premium health enhancing ingredient suitable for long time consumption.

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